Oriental medicine has a long history of healing and rejuvenation that teaches us a great deal about aging well. Three thousand years ago, ancient Chinese scholars described the stages of aging in the Huang Di Neijing (The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic). They remind us that we cannot change our genetics, but we can change how we live to extend and improve the quality of our lives.

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine emphasize prevention over treatment. This makes a great deal of sense because treating an illness that has already damaged the body is much more difficult then preventing the illness from occurring in the first place. It is never too late. You can begin today.

Whatever your starting point, you can make positive changes to enhance the quality of your life. Supporting the different ways of improving your health and preventing illness, Oriental medicine promotes living a balanced life. A healthy diet, active lifestyle and emotional well-being are the basic components of Oriental medicine that help point you on the path toward a long and quality life.

The main goal of geriatric rehabilitation following an acute illness is rapid restoration of normal activity [1 ;  2]. The key elements are pain control, restoration of bowel function, good sleep quality, appetite and general well being, as well as return to pre-illness physical capabilities


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