herbal formularies


Herbal formulas for internal and external use

“Clean” herbs

 After rigorous research of herbal companies, Jayne sources her granules from one of the oldest and largest suppliers of Chinese herbs in the world, a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and Prop 65 (Proposition 65) compliant manufacturer of concentrated herbal extracts.   Every incoming lot of herbs has been tested for pesticides as well as all toxic metals and bio-burdens such as yeast, mold, E. coli, staphyloccoccus and salmonella. A certificate of analysis is available on request from the manufacturer. No additives or fillers are used to “bind” the granules.

Quality herbs

The quality of the herbs starts at the source with quality raw materials: validated, unsulphured, pesticide-free, high-grade Chinese herbs. Herbal decoctions are assembled, tested and manufactured in California with stringent manufacturing standards, to assure potency and purity in every formula.  Every step of the manufacturing process is evaluated according to rigorous qualitative and quantitative standards that exceed GMP and Prop 65 standards. 

Why granules?

  • Granules are readily absorbed and easy to take
  • Granules are concentrated herbs that do not require boiling or cooking
  • Granules are the closest alternative to raw herbs
  • Granules work for today’s lifestyle and facilitate patient compliance

Tailored to each and every patient

As an adjunct to acupuncture or herbal therapy alone, Jayne will create a custom formula based upon each patient’s individual needs.